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Exponential asymptotics for physical applications

This page will link some relevant information for the ARA Spring School session. We will be hosting four talks.

  • Exercises for tutorials and discussions: Overleaf
  • Outlines and references for talks: Overleaf

18 Mar 2021: Jon Chapman's Public Lecture

24 Mar 2021: Lecture 1 on introductory techniques of exponential asymptotics

25 Mar 2022: Lecture 2 on "Exponential asymptotics and fluid mechanics"

26 Mar 2021: Lecture 3 on "Exponential asymptotics and multiple scales"

Delivered by John King

Solutions and resources for questions

Questions 2 & 3

To be covered by Chris Lustri.

Question 4

Question 5

The codes to accompany the question can be found here.

Question 6