Trinh @ Bath

Visiting Mathematical Sciences at Bath

Most people will be arriving at Bath Spa station. From there, you can either take a taxi or a bus. Both are quite convenient and are similar in time.

  • Taxis are best taken directly outside of the Bath Spa Station front doors. Alternatively if you are coming from somewhere else, we would suggest Abbey V Cars tel:01225464646
  • You can take the U1 Bus adjacent to the station. Note this will be on the opposite side of the road from the station.

Taxi takes about 5-10 minutes, bus will take around 15-20.

Both the taxi and bus will take you to the arrivals square. From there you just go up the stairs and follow the parade until you reach the 4West building. This is illustrated using the red dash on below map.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is on Floor 2 of 4West. Walking past the 4West Cafe and turn right to see reception.

Seminar and visitor claims

For seminar speakers at the Applied and Industrial Mathematics Seminars, please complete the claims form here and email our department coordinators with receipts. Please Cc me (hppt20[at] or your departmental host in the correspondence, and the team will then be able to send the appropriate forms to our university finance team.