Trinh @ Bath

Bath BSc and MMath projects

Hello! This is a temporary page that I will fill with additional details about projects I am offering to University of Bath students for their BSc project or MMath dissertation.

2020-21 projects

This year, I decided to offer a really interesting project on non-photorealistic rendering that I'm hoping the right student will pick up!

  1. Fluid mechanics and water waves

2019-20 projects

This year, we had a big interest in trying to understand climate change and mathematical modelling of the climate.

  • Perturbation theory and wave phenomena (Lizzie Collingwood, BSc project)
  • Continuum models of climate change (Simon Watson, MMath project)
  • Statistical and modelling approaches to climate (Thomas Kilcoyne, MMath project)
  • Continuum models of climate, pollution, and traffic (Emily Bailey, MMath project)

2018-19 projects

  • Free-surface flows over rapidly-varying topographies (Christopher Blake, MMath project)
  • Mathematical modelling of optical fibres (Jackson Phoong, MMath project)
  • The multidimensional method of steepest descents (Reuben Russell, BSc project)

Pre-2018 projects

I've supervised a number of interesting MMath projects of different sorts and types. If you want a better idea of the type of projects we might collaborate on, please see this student listing, which is accurate up to 2018.