Trinh @ Bath


First, make sure that you have all the parts.

You can click the links to see where I purchased the items.

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+: this is the main computer
  2. 1 x MicroSD card: I have plugged the micro SD card into the Raspberry Pi
  3. Pimoroni grow LCD device: this “hat” plugs into the 40-pin header of the Raspberry Pi and allows the sensors to be connected
  4. 3 x water sensors: three water sensors
  5. Extra long JST-SH cables for sensors: extra long cables for the sensors
  6. 3 x 5V pumps custom soldered to connectors: I bought these 5V pumps which I then soldered to molex pico connectors
  7. PVC tubing for water pump
  8. Spare pico molex connectors: I had to buy these separately and connect them to the pumps