Trinh @ Bath

Attempting to get info

  if(function_exists('posix_geteuid')){ // use posix to get current uid and gid $uid = posix_geteuid(); $usr = posix_getpwuid($uid); $user = $usr['name']; $gid = posix_getegid(); $grp = posix_getgrgid($gid); $group = $grp['name']; }else{ // try to create a file and read it's ids $tmp = tempnam ('/tmp', 'check'); $uid = fileowner($tmp); $gid = filegroup($tmp);   // try to run ls on it $out = `ls -l $tmp`; $lst = explode(' ',$out); $user = $lst[2]; $group = $lst[3]; unlink($tmp); }   echo "Your PHP process seems to run with the UID $uid ($user) and the GID $gid ($group)\n";


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