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Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics Seminars

We hold weekly seminars and one-off events to stimulate research at the interface of mathematics, engineering, physics, biology and other disciplines. The AIMS seminars are hosted by the Department of Mathematics and encompasses many of the applied and interdisciplinary research groups at Bath. This includes the Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics, Centre for Mathematical Biology, Institute for Mathematical Innovation, and so forth. But we also host plenty of talks of interest to Analysts, Numerical Analysts, Engineers, Physicists, and so forth!

Time and location: typically seminars run on Tuesdays at 13:15 in 4 West 1.7 (a room known as The Wolfson Room).

2023-24 schedule

The schedule below is updated as the term goes.

2023 Speaker page.

Semester 1

Week Date Speaker Title
1 3 Oct No seminar!
2 10 Oct Hilary Weller (Reading) Implicit Time Stepping for Atmospheric Transport
3 17 Oct Alexander Wray (Strathclyde) Proximal planar polygonal potential problems
4 24 Oct AIMS organisational meeting
5 31 Oct Aleksandra Ardaševa (Copenhagen) Interactive active matter
6 7 Nov Rob Lamb (Lancaster, JBA Trust) Grappling with uncertainty monsters in hydrology: how can we cope?
7 14 Nov Matthew Juniper (Cambridge) Adjoint-accelerated Bayesian Inference
8 21 Nov Jonathan Cox (Bath) Scent capture in a hagfish
9 28 Nov Corwin Wright (Bath) How well do global km-scale models simulate convective atmospheric waves?
10 5 Dec Jesse Taylor-West (Bristol) Corner flows of viscoplastic fluids
11 12 Dec Chris Budd (Bath) On the analysis of PINNS
12 9 Jan Jonathan Cox (Bath) Scent capture in a hagfish

Semester 2

Week Date Speaker Title
116 Feb Helen Byrne (Oxford) Using mathematical approaches to describe, quantify and understand biological tissues
213 Feb Yu Tian (Nordita) More than Positive Weights: Structural Balance and Random Walks
320 Feb
427 Feb Raphael Stuhlmeier (Plymouth) Deterministic wave forecasting with nonlinear dispersion corrections
55 Mar
612 Mar Eamonn Gaffney (Oxford) Aspects of spatial mathematical and computational modelling in developmental biology and immuno-oncology
719 Mar Ryan Doran (Newcastle) Quantum Fluids
826 Mar Ellen Luckins (Warwick)
X2 Apr BAMC Practice talks
X9 Apr BAMC Meeting
916 Apr Ryan Palmer (Bristol)
1023 Apr Thuy Duong Dang (UCL) and Timothy Peters (Bath)
1130 Apr Lloyd Bridge (UWE) Phase change in porous media – computational interface capturing and enthalpy methods
127 May Eric Keaveny (Imperial) Coupled motion of active filaments

Joining AIMS

Here are the steps to join the AIMS mailing list.

  • Send a message to from the address you want to subscribe to the list.
  • In the subject line of your message, type in:
subscribe aims_seminars YourFirstName YourLastName 
  • Leave the message body blank.

If you encounter an issue or would like help, please mail the main organiser at p.trinh[at] and I can assist!

If you would like to remove yourself from the mailing list, see here.

Visitor and speaker details

Visitor info and claims info can be found here.

On the day of arrival, generally please meet the organiser (P. Trinh in 4West 2.18) or alternatively see the reception on the main floor (Level 2) for guidance.

AIMS organisers and participants

2023-24: this is a rough list of staff at Bath who are interested or have participated in AIMS. This list will be continually updated.

  • Phil Trinh (AIMS organiser, applied mathematics, fluid dynamics, asymptotics)
  • Chris Budd (applied mathematics, industrial mathematics)
  • Lisa Maria Kreusser (PDEs, data analysis, machine learning)
  • Jennifer Tweedy (mathematical medicine, fluid mechanics, mathematical modelling)
  • Jonathan Dawes (dynamical systems, mathematical biology, fluid mechanics)
  • Miles Wheeler (fluid mechanics, analysis)
  • Ben Walker (fluid mechanics, microswimmers, biological growth)
  • Josh Shelton (water waves, asymptotics)