Trinh @ Bath

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I'm currently the Darby Fellow in Applied Mathematics at Lincoln College, Oxford, which means I do quite a bit of the first and second year teaching to mathematics and physics students. Some scattered notes (some accessible and some not) is available at my sister site: The Shape of Mathematics. In the meanwhile, if you're interested in doing a third year or fourth year project with me, please have a look at my research page for the typical problems I enjoy, and send me an email!

Trinity 2016

This term, I will be doing tutorials and revisions for the following courses:

  • Multivariable Calculus, Fourier Series, and PDEs (1st year, Maths)
  • Differential Equations 1 and 2 (2nd year, Maths)
  • Calculus of Variations (2nd year, Maths)
  • Mathematical Methods (CP3, CP4) (1st year, Physics)

Students looking for tutor tutorial times should go here.