Trinh @ Bath

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Sept 2020 note

Note: I am currently too busy to keep this page updated…need to find a better mechanism! So most of the publication listings below are outdated.

You are better off looking at my Google Scholar for papers.

Research interests

My research interests include:

  • Classical hydrodynamics: free-surface flows; gravity-capillary waves; wave-structure interactions; ship hydrodynamics; Korteweg-de Vries-type equations and nonlinear waves
  • Low Reynolds number flows: theory and modeling of viscosity and surface-tension dominated flows, including thin film or Hele-Shaw-type problems; the study of fluid instabilities (e.g. gravity-driven dripping of thin films)
  • Elasticity and solid mechanics: coupling fluid mechanics with solid mechanics; understanding fluid-structure interactions between free-surfaces and elastic membranes (e.g. contact lenses), theory and modeling of tissue and tumour growth.
  • Formation and dynamics of biological patterns: studying the dynamics of patterns in reaction-diffusion problems
  • Singular perturbation theory: exponential asymptotics and asymptotics beyond-all-orders; singularity formation in fluid and solid phenomena (e.g. rupturing of thin films and solids, moving contact line problems, etc.)
  • Numerical methods: notably boundary integral methods for free-surface flows